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For the correct understanding of the lodged values of precipitation in Base of data, the unit of measurement will be litros/m2.
There are some special values eg:
IP: Imperceptible precipitation.
Acum: Accumulated precipitation

How one is moderate the precipitation and the hours of sun in a weather station?


Rain gaugeIt is the instrument that equips the weather stations to measure the amount of rain fallen in a time interval. A simple rain gauge is basically a cylinder opened in its part superior that allows the access of the fallen water of rain. It takes one graduated scale long it as the same to realise the measurement.
The fallen precipitation is moderate directly on the graduated scale as the cylinder in millimeters of height. In this way 1 mm measured in any container that maintains the same surface of section throughout the same, will correspond to 1 litro/m2.

As in everything, the technology is assumption also great advances in which to the rain gauges it talks about. The primitive ones, are as the described ones previously, which required of a person who measured the fallen water. The electronics made possible to make independent rain gauges that can measure accumulated precipitation not only throughout a complete day but also in a while concrete intensity of precipitation, since the measurement can be taken accurately in any time interval by little amount that was fallen.




Heliograph It is an instrument that is used to measure the hours of daily insolation. One is basically a crystal sphere which the rays of the sun affect, when this he is present and it concentrates them on a band in which is placed a fine cardboard species that is burned by the action of the sun. The total hours are entered looking at the length of the burned band.

These instruments are due to place to certain height so that they can catch sun rays from the exit to the putting. They are instruments that make for a rank of Latitude and Length and in addition can adjust exactly for the station in which it is used, moving the band has supported of the graduated group (fine cardboard), since the sun rays do not affect all the stations of the year in the same way.











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