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That it is a Weather station:

A weather station is a set of devices, destined to measure different variables throughout the time. Between the measures more habitual than they pick up the weather stations we found those of Temperature, relative Humidity, Atmospheric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, hours of sunlight…

Also they can pick up other measures not so habitual for the people of “on foot” as they are, the solar radiation, measurement of the distance of clouds to the ground, temperature of dew, temperature of the ground to different depths….

Weather station

With all these data, numerical models for prediction and study study and feed on the climatic and meteorological phenomena.

The first weather stations, erán measurement devices manual of parameters, which implied that a person had to become position of the same as much for collection of data as for her maintenance. These had the problem of the human dependency, in addition to requiring that the one in charge had knowledge of the station in particular and meteorological generally.

At the moment, to avoid that dependency of the stations manuals, automatic stations settle (EMA- Automatic weather station), which are able to transmit the data by diverse communication channels. In addition the advance to the technology as far as the use of the obtained solar energy by means of plates, makes possible the installation of these stations in inhospitable places where the electrical wiring does not arrive.









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