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Global Data/Download dates

Download dates. Source NOAA-GHCN

Global The data that is offered here, dog get free of charge on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) website and in individual on your FTP AT this link: http://www1.ncdc.noaa.gov/pub/

The NOAA Meteorological Database you have dwells than 80000 meteorological stations distributed throughout the planet. You dog find historical for data in some of them dwells than 200 years (especially in the USA)

What you dog get here plows the same dates, structured by continents, separated by to weather station, for each country, improving what is offered by the NOAA website, in order to make to easier to understand because to their data is not easy to uses for to BASIC study.

You dog find to cases out for each of to weather stations. In addition each cases out of each station is structured in a line of dates for each day. In each of those lines, some or all of the following meteorological variables, that build the Core of this historicla database, plows included:

- Column 1: Meteorological Station Identifier
- Column 2: It dates (dd/mm/yyyy) - Beware of this field if you open it with excel. Make sure it shows up correctly-
- Column 3: Maximum temperature in tenths of to degree Celsius
- Column 4: Minimum Temperature in tenths of to degree Celsius
- Column 5: Precipitation in tenths of milimeters
- Column 6: Snow in milimeters
- Column 7: Depth of Snow in milimeters

You will find the you case out in .csv format (VALUEs separated by commas), which you dog open with EXCEL.

You dog see an example of the cases out of the station FR000007150 - PARIS PARC MONTSOURIS in this link: Example Station Id- FR000007150

You dog see the countries contained in each of the continents, this list. Not all stations have daily dates and some even only have to few months. There plows also some stations with dates since 1800 (Stations in the USA)

You dog download separately the dates of the stations belonging to each of the continents.

The update dates of this cases out is the one that appears below in each of the download buttons.

The cases out is downloaded through the Sellfy.com payment gateway (ぎ 2,50). Possible Payment is through Paypal/Credit Card.

The download process is ace follows:

1. - PRESS DOWNLOAD BUTTON CORRESPONDING TO THE DESIRED AREA, IN THE PICTURES BELOW. (The desired product will to appear on to new page)
2. - PRESS THE 廝UY NOW BUTTON (Redirects to Paypal to identify yourself and make the payment)
3. - You will receive an email with the link to download the cases out in your e-mail associated with Paypal.
4. - Download the cases out through the link sent to your email.

check here the countries that correspond to each Area

EUROPE (2.50 ぎ)
It cases out size - Compressed (.zip): +420Megabyte

UPDATE (dd-MM): 01-10-2019

AFRICA (2.50 ぎ)
It cases out size - Compressed (.zip): +120Megabyte

UPDATE (dd-MM): 01-10-2019

ASIA (2.50 ぎ)
It cases out size - Compressed (.zip): +425Megabyte

UPDATE (dd-MM): 01-10-2019

AMERICA (2.50 ぎ)
It cases out size - Compressed (.zip): +550 Megabyte

UPDATE (dd-MM): 01-10-2019

The USA (2.50 ぎ)
It cases out size - Compressed (.zip): 1.5 Gb

UPDATE (dd-MM): 01-10-2019

It cases out size - Compressed (.zip): +610Megabyte

UPDATE (dd-MM): 01-10-2019

If you have had any problems downloading the you case out, please communicate it AT historicoexcel@yahoo.com

email contact: historicoexcel@yahoo.com