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Unloading Source data AEMET - Open Data - (291 Stations)

The data contained in this Section Aemet Data - Open dates - are the provided ones by Web AEMET in their resource of public access to the climatologic data of a set of Spanish weather stations.

It can accede free of charge to the public resource that provides AEMET in this connection: http://www.aemet.es/es/datos_abiertos

Also it can secure the data free of charge, in the different consultations from data and graphs of Temperature, Pressure, Wind Precipitation and insolation, in each one of the sections of this section in the menu of the left of this Web, copying the data that are in the tables.

Finally, if what wishes is in particular to collect the complete data of some station (1 or 2), please it sends a mail to historicoexcel@yahoo.com with the indicative of the station that wishes and it will be to him to send by e-mail.

If what wishes they are the complete data of the totality of stations that compose this section OPENDATA, it must unload it in the connection inferior of this page (2.50 )

Benefits of the unballastable File:

  1. In a single compressed file it unloads the data of more than 290 Weather stations
  2. The data are in favor Separated of Stations (1 Estacion= 1 File)
  3. Archives in format csv, of direct opening by the majority of spreadsheets (for example in Excel)
  4. Daily data for each station (1 dia= 1 data line), with the columns that are specified more down.
  5. Data from 1920 (In some cases), to date of update that appears in Button of unloading
  6. Nomenclature of the archives: (Identifier - Date First Data - Date I complete Data. csv), that allows him to know a look, without opening it, the rank of data that it owns. Example: 5402-19590401-20181228.csv (Station 5402, Date home: 01/04/1959, Final Date: 28/12/2018)
  7. Along with the unloading listing with the stations is sent, identifiers, province, location and date of home and aim of data

Differences with the data of the section Data AEMET from Mayo 2013:

  1. The data of the section Data AEMET from 2013 are data picked up of AEMET - daily Observation in this connection
  2. Data AEMET from 2013 are picked up of automatic form and not put under but control that the automatic ones in real time
  3. Data AEMET from 2013 include more than 800 stations
  4. Data AEMET- Opendata are those that are considered consolidated and corrected if there were necessity. (There are small variations for some stations)
  5. Data AEMET- Opendata include some 291 Weather stations
  6. Data AEMET- Opendata begin in many of the stations in 1920 and so they are possible to be used for ampler studies

Content of the unballastable File:

The unballastable file is compressed (.zip). It occupies more of 70Megabyte compressed (+ 360 Megabyte without compressing)

The data are separated by weather station.

Altogether they are data of more than 290 Weather stations, whose data in some cases begin in 1920 (and all does not arrive at the date of update of the file). If you want to know if a certain station has data associated for a determined period, it looks for in the section Situation of Stations, it selects one of them and it will appear to you the home and the end of the data that the file contains.

Also it is possible to be consulted a certain variable and to be chosen dates between 1920 today and, to see if that variable has data in the date that we are interested.

Each file, corresponds to a station. The data contained in the same, are in format CSV (SEPARATED ARCHIVES BY COMMAS). This format is simple to use and is compatible with the majority of existing spreadsheets, for example Excel.

You can unload the listing of the stations that are included in this connection (Listed in excel)

The columns of data of each file, for each Weather station are the following:

  • Columna1: Date in format (aaaa-mm-dd). If it opens it with a spreadsheet, it is possible that it interprets the field as date and dd/mm/aaaa sees it in the habitual format
  • Columna2: Identifier of Weather station (Value of 4 or 5 characters)
  • Columna3: Name of the Station
  • Columna4: Province in which one is
  • Columna5: Altitude on sea level (meters)
  • Columna6: Average temperature (C)
  • Columna7: Daily precipitation - of 07h to 07 h - (mm = l/m2)
  • Columna8: Minimal temperature (C)
  • Columna9: Hour of minimum Temperature (hh: mm - UTC)
  • Columna10: Maxima temperature (C)
  • Columna11: Hour of maximum Temperature (hh: mm - UTC)
  • Columna12: Direction of the maximum gust of wind (tens of degree)
  • Columna13: Average speed (m/s)
  • Columna14: Gust of wind (m/s)
  • Columna15: Hour Gust of wind (hh: mm - UTC)
  • Columna16: Hours of Sun (hours)
  • Columna17: Maximum pressure (hPa)
  • Columna18: Hour of Maxima Pressure (cleared whole hour to the nearer whole hour)
  • Columna19: Minimum pressure (hPa)
  • Columna20: Hour of Minimum Pressure (cleared whole hour to the nearer whole hour)

Special values:

  • Hour of occurrence of an extreme value:
    • Several: The extreme value repeats several times throughout the day, or the extreme value has stayed stationary for more than one hour.
  • Precipitation:
    • IP: Imperceptible precipitation (inferior to 1 tenth of mm)
    • Acum: Accumulated precipitation
  • Wind direction:
    • 99: Variable direction

You can see an Example of the archives in the following connections:

- Example of weather station CORDOBA AIRPORT, identifier 5402

Procedure of Unloading:

The unloading is realised through the footbridge of Sellfy.com payment, by means of a payment with Paypal. The steps that you must follow are the following:

1. - BUTTON OF UNLOADING OF THE END OF THIS PAGE BEATS. (It will appear in a new page, the wished product)
2. - BUTTON BUY NOW BEATS (Redirige to Paypal to identify themselves and to realise the payment)
3. - You Will receive in his e-mail associated to Paypal, a mail with the connection to unload the file.
4. - Unloading the file through connection sent to its email.


Update: 01/10/2019

If the unloading has had some problem when realising, please put yourself in touch with historicoexcel@yahoo.com

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