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Unloading weather datas Source AEMET - daily Automatic Observation -
(More than 800 Stations - from May)

The data of this section €śData AEMET from 2013€ť are data picked up of AEMET - daily Observation in this connection

At the moment it is possible to consult data of multitude of weather stations in the Web of AEMET (observation datas), but exclusively of last the 7 days.

In this page we will try to compile the archives of daily summaries that the AEMET Web offers free of charge so that you do not have to worry to you to unload them without you pass any. The variables that AEMET in these daily reports offers are only maximum Temperature (hour of T. Max); Minimum temperature (hour of minimal T); Gust of wind principle and Speed max; Daily Total precipitation; Accumulated precipitation in periods of 6 hours.

If you wish pressure data minimal principle and, you must go to the AEMET-Opendata- data of the menu of the left in this connection

The Weather stations that take shelter in the files them you can unload in the following Excel file:

Relation of Weather stations. Specific data

In this relation of Stations, you will be able to find the details of each one of the weather stations of the Network of AEMET whose variables are picked up in the daily summaries that follow. In particular

  • Name of the Weather station: The one that appears in the archives of daily summaries of meteorological variables
  • Identifier of the Station
  • Municipality
  • Province:
  • Length
  • Latitude:
  • Height

The purpose is that trazabilidad between the files exists that are exposed here and any other previous data base that You own. It is possible to determine if one is the same Weather station through the position (Length-Latitude).

Data not will update daily, but periodically (If you need with urgency a file that no longer is possible their unloading in AEMET (Last 7 days) and has not been placed in this page, please sends an e-mail to us to the mail that appears in the connection €śContact€ť and it will be tried to send as rapidly as possible.

Monthly the daily archives in only a file will be compressed in order to optimize the space.

You must consider the following thing:

1. - It is possible that there are stations that do not have all the variables, with introduced data. Even there are days that are possible that data of a certain station do not exist.

2. - As it indicates AEMET in his Web: €śThe presented data only have been put under automatic controls of quality in real time, reason why the absence of errors cannot be guaranteed.€ť

3. - It is possible that for a same Weather station, if also one is in that they are offered in the AEMET-Opendata- section, there are slight differences in some data. The data coming from AEMET-Opendata- are those that are considered consolidated, and you can unload them here.

We hope that they serve to you

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If what you need are the separated data by stations, you can obtain them in the following connection:

To go to unloading of data €śAEMET-From 2013 - by station€¦

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