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Aemet data - from Mayo 2013 -/Data By Station

Unloading of data by Station. Source AEMET - daily Automatic Observation -
(More than 800 Stations - from May)

Here you can unload the same data from May of 2013, that offer in the section Unloading daily Data (Data AEMET from 2013) of the menu of the left, but divided for each one of the stations (more than 800), in a compressed file (to.rar).

Differences with the data of the section Data AEMET - Opendata-:

  1. The data of the section Data AEMET from 2013 are data picked up of AEMET - daily Observation in this connection
  2. Data AEMET from 2013 are picked up of automatic form and not put under but control that the automatic ones in real time
  3. Data AEMET from 2013 include more than 800 stations and in this Web data previous to 2013 are not controlled.
  4. Data AEMET- Opendata are those that are considered consolidated and corrected if there were necessity. (There are small variations for some stations)
  5. Data AEMET- Opendata include some 291 Weather stations
  6. Data AEMET- Opendata begin in many of the stations in 1920 and so they are possible to be used for ampler studies

Description of the unballastable file in this section AEMET-Desde2013- Data:

The data of each station estan in format csv (CSV), although is possible to open them from Excel. The structure of columns of each station is the following one:

- Column 1: Identifier Station
- Column 2: Date
- Column 3: Maxima temperature (C)
- Column 4: Hour Maxima Temperature
- Column 5: Minimum temperature
- Column 6: Hour minimum Temperature
- Column 7: Average temperature (C)
- Column 8: Maximum wind gust of wind (km/h)
- Column 9: Hour of Racha Máxima
- Column 10: Terminal velocity of Wind (km/h)
- Column 11: Hour of Terminal velocity of wind
- Column 12: Daily Total precipitation (mm)
- Column 13: Precipitation of 0 to 6 hours (mm)
- Column 14: Precipitation of 6 to 12 hours (mm)
- Column 15: Precipitation of 12 to 18 hours (mm)
- Column 16: Precipitation of 18 to 24 hours (mm)

You can see an example of achivo of the station Cordoba Airport in this connection: Example Station You go 5402

You can see the stations including in the unballastable file in this Listing. All the stations do not have daily data and even some only they are some days old from 2013.

The date of update of this file is the one that appears more down in the picture of Unloading.

You must consider the following thing:

1. - It is possible that there are stations that do not have all the variables, with introduced data. Even there are days that are possible that data of a certain station do not exist.

2. - As it indicates AEMET in its Web: The presented data only have been put under automatic controls of quality in real time, reason why the absence of errors cannot be guaranteed.

3. - It is possible that for a same Weather station, if also one is in that they are offered in the AEMET-Opendata- section, there are slight differences in some data. The data coming from AEMET-Opendata- are those that are considered consolidated, and you can unload them here.

Process of unloading:

The file unloading through the footbridge of Sellfy.com payment (1.60 ). The payment is possible to realise it through Paypal/Card. The unloading process is the following one:

1. - BUTTON OF UNLOADING OF THE END OF THIS PAGE BEATS. (It will appear in a new page, the wished product)
2. - BUTTON BUY NOW BEATS (Redirige to Paypal to identify themselves and to realise the payment)
3. - You Will receive in his e-mail associated to Paypal, a mail with the connection to unload the file.
4. - Unloading the file through connection sent to its email.


UPDATE: 30-09-2019

If you have had some problem when realising the unloading, please ponte in touch with historicoexcel@yahoo.com

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